Power Automate Assistant

Power Automate Assistant is a free, open source tool I build to help overcome some of the limitations in Power Automate with Dataverse triggers.

There are currently two limitations that this tool addresses:

  1. If your flow is configured to run when multiple fields change, you don’t know which one was actually updated to cause the flow to run.
  2. Through a quirk in the SDK, flows (and before that, Workflows) can be triggered by updating a field even if the value doesn’t change. Sometimes that’s desirable, but usually it’s an accident by a developer trying to take a shortcut. In the world of Power Automate, that just uses extra runs and can chew up your license allowances.

This tool is easy to install and configure and has virtually no impact on system performance.

Download and install free from https://github.com/akaskela/PowerAutomateAssistant

Screenshot of Power Automate Assistant on GitHub
Power Automate Assistant, available free on GitHub.